The Canadian Network for Observational Cosmology (CNOC)

Omega from the cluster project in a flowchart

CNOC1 (Cosmocluster) Papers (as .ps, .gz, and .uu files)

  • The CNOC Cluster Redshift Survey Catalogs I. Observational Strategy and Data Reduction Techniques
  • The CNOC Cluster Redshift Survey Catalogs II. Abell 2390
  • Galaxy Cluster Virial Masses and Omega
  • The Average Mass-to-Light Profile of Galaxy Clusters
  • The Two-Point Correlation Function at Redshift 1/3
  • A Protogalaxy at z=2.7 Discovered by Its Young Stellar Spectrum
  • The Omega dependence of the evolution of \xi(r)
  • Evolution of Cluster and Field Ellipticals at 0.2 z to 0.6 in the CNOC Cluster Survey
  • Evolution of Galactic Disks in Clusters and the Field at 0.1 z 0.6 in the CNOC Survey
  • Galaxy Evolution in A2390
  • Close Pairs of Field Galaxies in the CNOC1 Redshift Survey
  • The Luminosity Function of Field Galaxies in the CNOC1 Redshift Survey
  • The Dynamical Equilibrium of Galaxy Clusters
  • The Redshift Evolution of Galaxy Cluster Densities
  • The Average Mass Profile of Galaxy Clusters
  • Omega baryon via Oort's Method

    CNOC2 (Field Survey) Papers (as .ps, .gz, and .uu files)

  • The CNOC2 Field Galaxy Luminosity Function I: A Description of Luminosity Function Evolution
  • The CNOC2 Redshift Survey (Mar 1998 Royal Society)

    Conference Papers

  • The CNOC Cluster Survey: Omega, sigma_8, Phi(L,z) Results and Prospects for Lambda Measurement (October 1997 Ringberg conference )
  • The CNOC Cluster Survey (2nd VLT meeting)
  • The CNOC Cluster Redshift Survey: The Evolution of the Cluster Galaxy Population
  • A Protogalaxy at z=2.72
  • The CNOC2 Field Galaxy Redshift Survey
  • Results on Galaxy Evolution from the CNOC2 Field Galaxy Redshift Survey (Rome)
  • CNOC private papers (restricted access)
    CNOC is a wide collaboration of observers and theorists interested in problems of observational cosmology. Our primary interest is to address observational problems that require diverse skills to acquire, reduce, and interpret large datasets. The members of the core group are: Ray Carlberg (PI), Howard Yee, Erica Ellingson, Chris Pritchet, David Hartwick, Jim Hesser, John Hutchings, Simon Morris, Dick Bond and Nick Kaiser who hold an NSERC grant to support this work. A great deal of the work is being done with other collaborators, postdoctoral fellows and students.

    The two main current projects, first to measure Omega using cluster dynamics, and second to measure the evolution of galaxy correlations and a field value of Omega in faint galaxies. The data acquisition for the CNOC1 Cluster Survey was completed in March, 1994. The CNOC2 Field Survey field survey is just beginning.

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